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Steel Forgings

Main production machinery of MFI comprise closed die forging hammers of 3 Ton capacity. Open die forgings requirements are met with a 1Ton clear space hammer.Other supporting facilities include shot blasting machines,Pneumatic trimming press of 300 Ton capacity, Automatic band saw cutting machines 5 numbers and a number of oilfired and electric furnaces for soaking as part of forging process. There is a modern heat treatment plant equipped with number of furnaces.We manufacture closed die forgings in the weight range of 9 kg to 25kg and open die forgings within 14kg to 75kg net weight per piece and ring rolling upto 500mm OD. The company has got the capability to manufacture forgings out of Carbon steels,Alloy steels,Stainless steel etc.,

Forging & Heat Treatment Facilities

The billets for forging are heated in oil fired orelectric furnaces, closely controlling the temperature to reduce the scale formation and overheating so that the metallurgical properties are ensured in the final product. In addition, in-process inspection is carried out at all stages and 100% inspection for visual defects after forging. The accepted forgings are duly heat treated to ensure its mechanical properties. By providing heat treatment services in-house,           MFI  is able to maintain greater control over heat treating process. The facility comprise Bogie furnace.pit type electrical heating furnaces  to carry out annealing, normalising, hardening, tempering, iso-thermal annealing, ammonia nitriding etc or other operations as specified by our customer.

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