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Metal forging Industries is a leading manufacturers of Friction welding Hardened  Drill Rods & Steel Forgings.We supply the higher performance integrated Drill Rods with different sizes & grades. Today’s water well drilling and online casino bonus ohne einzahlung sofort demands high performance Drill Rods to meet the latest improved rigs. Our plant is ISO 90001 – 2008 Certified , located at Cherlapally, Hyderabad, India. The product range is a wide option from a minimum of  5 feet to a maximum of 30 feet length  Drill Rods. Drill Rod tubes are brought from the leading world class tube manufacturers and will be tested to confirm the premier quality of the incoming raw material tubes. The adopters or tooljoints  will be made from high quality medium carbon and alloy steel with special technical edge to meet the high speed performance levels of the compressor and rig. The manufacturing facility covers in house process for machining and heat treatment under the high level guidance of metallurgical expertization. We always keep customer requirements as priority and we do our best to offer correct products and services at very competitive price.

Friction Welded  Fully  Hardned Drill Rods     STEEL  FORGINGS

The drill pipe material selection and heat treatment process are done with world class technology to meet the toughest requirements of the customers.This technology brings up high resistance to corrosion and abrassion of drill rods and increases resistance to wear and tear. MFI offers a complete range of drill pipe with tool joints attached from 2 3/8″ OD to 5 1/2″ OD according to API…

Main production machinery of MFI comprise closed die forging hammers of 3 Ton capacity. Open die forgings requirements are met with a 1Ton clear space hammer.Other supporting facilities include shot blasting machines,Pneumatic trimming press of 300 Ton capacity, Automatic band saw cutting machines 5 numbers and a number of oilfired and electric furnaces for soaking as part of forging process…

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